12 February 2016

Ana for Trainers4Me


Trainers4Me.com and Ana presented a unique live streaming workout session that was available to participants from all over the world. The workout was broadcasted live from the UK to the global audience. It attracted over 400,000 fans and fitness enthusiasts who signed up and participated in the class on the other side of their screens worldwide. 

Ana continues to encourage people to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. She is known for her dedication to perfection. Her focus is not only on top performance on the tennis court, but also on training. During this exclusive live streaming workout session, Ana revealed some of her training exercises that keep her fit on and off the court.

“The idea of doing a unique live streaming fitness class was immediately interesting to me. As we were preparing with the team, I was getting really excited to share my training experience and knowledge with a global audience. I don’t think this was ever done before, particularly by another tennis player. I really enjoyed being a trainer for the day and I hope to do more similar projects in the future.”

Marko Filej, CEO and founder explains the background of this unique project: “Trainers4Me motivates people around the world to get active by offering them a highly accessible platform where they can easily interact with top sports trainers. Sports lovers can train with their favourite sports trainer anywhere in the world and can now even enjoy training from the comfort of their living rooms or hotels via online video lessons. With this unique celebrity live streaming workout session we launched a new era of live video sessions.” 


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